Termozeta La Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker Machine
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|Malaki Households | Termozeta La Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker Machine

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Termozeta La Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker Machine

Termozeta ice cream maker
  • Termozeta La Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker Machine
  • Ksh.4,700

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Key Features

  • 1:Transparent plastic lid
  • 2:Pre-frozen bowl
  • 3:Easy to wash and assemble
  • 4:On-off switch
  • 5:It consists of 4 different parts

    kitchen appliances
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  • Termozeta ice cream maker consists of 4 different parts. It has an on and off switch. A Termozeta ice cream maker is easy to wash and assemble. It also has a transparent plastic lid and a pre-frozen bowl. Homemade ice cream in 30-40 minutes. Designed for home or office use. Using compressor refrigeration technology, the ice processes ice cubes quickly and efficiently. Ice making process can be watched through Viewing Window Push-button operation- Indicator lights show the working status of the unit and provide automatic alerts for when to add more water and when the Ice Storage Basket is full. Self-Clean function can be run to automatically keep the unit clean. Cleaning the Outside of the Portable Ice Maker • Make sure the unit is unplugged before attempting to clean and allow it to warm up to room temperature. • To maintain maximum efficiency and to prevent bacterial growth in the portable ice maker, we strongly recommend cleaning every 4 months. • Wipe the outside of the Portable Ice Maker with a mild soap and water mixture. Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry all surfaces. • Do not immerse the unit in water. Available in Nairobi. Deliveries done country wide