Reliable Point of sale and inventory software Rikeys
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Reliable Point of sale and inventory software Rikeys

Point of sale systems are tools made of software and hardware that helps business process sales at the point of purchase, they organize data for easy referencing, they also analyze data for the users to make informed decisions on possible outcomes based on trends and other factors. Whether you are a new business looking up to starting operations or you are a business owner who is just tired of using receipt books or even you are being frustrated by the POS system you have now, you are home here.

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Advantages of using A Point of sale system in an enterprise

Using a POS system in your enterprise has many reasons, some that we may not cover here, some reasons include:

  1. Increased Efficiency. ...

  2. Ease of Use. ...

  3. Expanded Payment Capabilities. ...

  4. Greater Accuracy. ...

  5. Inventory Management. ...

  6. Employee Management. ...

  7. Reporting. ...

  8. Detailed Receipts.

Why use Rikeys POS and inventory management system.

  • Use Rikeys POS system and benefit from many benefits it brings:

  • It is easy to use, with an activated account you will be able to maneuver through.

  • Easy accessibility, being online you can easily access your data wherever and whenever you are, you only need login details.

  • You can use it on different platforms including Android, Ios, Windows etc.

  • You can connect to printers and print receipts.

  • Get real-time sales report.

  • Get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales reports.

  • Easily checkout customers. 

  • Easily track inventory level.

  • Easily restock and issue out stock.

  • Increase efficiency in checkout.

  • Increase Accuracy when checking out.

  • It is affordable.

  • Supports multiple stations for checking out customers.

  • Quick customer support.

What you need to operate a Rikeys POS and inventory manager.

Rikeys Point of sale and inventory manager is a software that is web based, meant to be online for easy accessibility and cross platform usage. For you to use this software you will need to have:

  • an account, internet.

  • Operating System e.g android, windows, IOS, etc.

  • A thermal printer.

  • and basic computer skills.

How to use Rikeys POS and inventory manager.

To use the software, the first thing is to create an account with Rikeys by:

  1. creating an account as a user here .

  2. and then creating a business account here .

  3. after which you will need to edit your page to include values, location, profile picture etc HERE .

  4. Add new items HERE .

  5. Edit stock adding category HERE .

  6. Add to POS HERE .

  7. Make sales HERE .

With those few steps you will have made a sale on Rikeys POS system, your sale will have been recorded and data ready to be used for decision making whenever needed.

Can I add employees as users for checking out purposes?

Yes, you can add employees as users and let them help in checking out customers, the owner becomes the admin and can give different privileges to users, the users can then login with their details normally and checkout customers with the privileges given to them by the admin.

What other benefits do I get using Rikeys POS and inventory manager.

Rikeys enables the POS users to market their products to budding shoppers ready to place orders on the displayed products, users are entitled to own webpages which they can then use to sell their products online. Rikeys has a well structured 100 score SEO strategy for successful online campaigns.

How much does Rikeys POS and inventory manager cost.

Users subscribe yearly at a cost of Ksh6000 p.a to unlock all the features of the POS system, thermal printers can also be bought seperately to support receipt printing.

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